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If Xi skips G20, it will signal a shift in China’s approach to global affairs: Fareed Zakaria

Veteran journalist Fareed Zakaria said there will be “significant implications” if Chinese President Xi Jinping skips the G20 Summit in New Delhi later this month.

Zakaria pointed out that such a decision by Xi would have significant implications, potentially signaling a shift in China’s approach to global affairs. During an interview with Rahul Kanwal, Executive Director, Business Today Fareed Zakaria said that of the 16 border disputes that China has had over the last 20 years with several of its neighbours, the one with India is the only one which has not been resolved.

“There’s something going on there where there is a degree of competitiveness or neuralgia about it…Maybe because it involves Tibet,” said Zakaria.

The geopolitical expert said if Xi Jinping skips the G20 summit, it would “add to the feeling” that China is “not trying to move forward and resolve the tensions with India”.

India is awaiting a written confirmation from China on President Xi Jinping’s participation in the G20 Leaders Summit scheduled here next weekend, Muktesh Pardeshi, Special Secretary for G20, said on Friday.

”We have seen some reports in the newspapers. But, we go by written confirmation. And we have not seen (a written confirmation). Unless we see that I am not in a position to say either way,”Pardeshi told PTI when asked about reports of Xi skipping the G20 meeting on September 9-10 and deputing Prime Minister Li Qiang for the event.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has already conveyed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi that it will not be possible for him to travel to India to participate in the summit.

Zakaria also raised concerns about China’s economic challenges, including its real estate market and mounting debt, which have led to increased household savings as people seek to secure their finances independently.

Zakaria also expressed scepticism about the effectiveness and future prospects of the BRICS organisation comprising of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. He pointed out that the concept of BRICS emerged from a Goldman Sachs economist’s prediction that these five nations would be the world’s powerhouse economies. However, Zakaria noted that this prediction had not materialised as expected. Indian PM Narendra Modi was recently in South Africa to attend the BRICS Summit.

The renowned foreign affairs expert provided deep insights into India’s evolving role on the global stage and the intricate dynamics of international relations. He spoke about various aspects of India’s ascent to global stage, its diplomatic strategies, and the challenges posed by China.

Zakaria said: “India is powerful and crucial enough in terms of the nature of new geopolitics because of the rise of China. So, something like BRICS is really a kind of a nonsense organisation. If I can be honest, the term comes out of a Goldman Sachs economist who predicted that these were going to be the powerhouse economies of the future, which by the way has turned out to be completely untrue.”

Zakaria emphasised that BRICS was facing significant challenges and contradictions. For instance, Russia, one of the BRICS members, was in decline economically, technologically, and demographically, making it an unlikely leader for the organization. Additionally, BRICS had expanded to include countries with varying interests and philosophies, such as the Gulf states, which are often pro-American. This expansion had diluted the coherence and common objectives of BRICS, he said.

Zakaria further questioned the feasibility of BRICS developing a common currency, suggesting that such an idea was unlikely to materialise. Overall, he viewed BRICS as a somewhat ineffective and disparate organisation, emphasising the need for India to clarify its strategic objectives and align itself with democratic, value-based powers rather than solely relying on BRICS for international influence. 

Zakaria also emphasised that India’s status as the world’s third-largest economy does not automatically equate to becoming the third most influential country globally. He highlighted the multifaceted nature of national power, encompassing not just economic and military might but also soft power, the ability to set agendas, and the promotion of values and ideas that resonate internationally.

The conversation delved into India’s ambition to become the voice of the global South; a role historically pursued by China. Zakaria noted that China has strategically invested in the developing world to establish itself as a leader of the global South, particularly in Africa. However, India, with its democratic principles and diplomatic acumen, possesses the potential to vie for this leadership role. Zakaria stressed India’s capacity to leverage soft power, engage in diplomatic initiatives, and champion democratic values that align with emerging democracies.

“The US has a $700 billion trade relationship with China. Nobody is asking India to choose in those terms. India needs to have a strong economic relationship with China but I think that one of the reasons that there’s so much goodwill toward India is because there’s a sense that this is a rising power coming out of Asia, representing the aspirations of 1.4 billion people which has historically espoused universal values, human rights and democracy,” said Zakaria.

Lastly, Zakaria explored the complexity of predicting China’s future foreign policy decisions, given its highly centralised power structure under Xi Jinping. He cited historical examples of declining powers adopting various strategies on the global stage, cautioning against simplistic assumptions about China’s trajectory.

“Nothing is inevitable. Look at what’s happening to China right now. Look at what happened to Japan after 40 years of heady economic growth. You have to persist, you have to continue to reform, you have to execute,” said Zakaria.

He added, “India has done a lot in the last 20 years under governments of both political coalitions, but there’s a lot more to do. I mean now, for example, there’s a great deal of talk about India becoming the new manufacturer and replacing China, but it’s going to be very hard because India remains very protectionist.”

Overall, the session provided a detailed and nuanced analysis of India’s growing economic significance, its potential to shape the global order, and the intricate dynamics of international relations, particularly in light of China’s evolving economic challenges and shifting foreign policy objectives.

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What X’s (Twitter) Daring Expansion Could Mean For Dogecoin

Elon Musk’s X (formerly Twitter) has been going through an interesting phase since the billionaire took over and crypto enthusiasts can’t help but hope that Dogecoin is in the grand plan of things. This is because the social media platform has undergone some daring changes so far, so speculations that Dogecoin could fit into all of this abound.

X Steps Up Its Game With Audio/Video Call Addition

Since its founding in 2006 by Jack Dorsey and three others, the Twitter (as it was known before) platform stuck very close to its original mission of being a micro-blogging site. This meant that the social media giant was not looking toward shiny bells and whistles like audio and video calling features. That is until Elon Musk made good on his promise and bought the site for $44 billion in October 2022.

Musk had gone on to make drastic changes in the company such as cutting the majority of the staff and implementing a paid verification system. The latest in this line of changes is the yet-to-be-release audio and video calling system.

According to an X post made by Musk, the new functionalities are already in the works with support for foremost operating systems. This includes iOS and Android mobile operating systems, as well as support for Mac and PC. Additionally, users would not need a phone number to make these calls, with usernames presumably being enough.

Musk also explained in a response to another X user that although calls would not be encrypted at first, the development will continue to include the ability to turn encryption on and off when needed.

How Does Dogecoin Fit In?

Earlier this week, news broke that X (formerly Twitter) had received a license to offer payment services across multiple US states. The license approval came after over a year of speculation that the social media platform could be moving into the payments space.

This comes after X kickstarted its revenue share system that saw Blue accounts get allocated a portion of ad revenue obtained by the company. Currently, the platform is using Stripe to process payments but rumors are that X could switch to its own payment system soon.

Coming off the back of this is expectations that Musk could decide to integrate Dogecoin to serve as a way for users to receive their revenue share. In such a case, X would be paying out Dogecoin to millions of users worldwide, instancing increasing the exposure of DOGE by over 10x.

Presently, neither Musk nor X has made any indications that the platform would be integrating the meme coin for payments. However, Musk continues to have the Dogecoin symbol in his bio alongside the X symbol to indicate his location. If anything, this shows that the billionaire still strongly stands behind the meme coin which he has called his ‘favorite cryptocurrency’.

Dogecoin (DOGE) price chart from (X Twitter)

DOGE price sees brief recovery following downturn | Source: DOGEUSDT on
Follow Best Owie on Twitter for market insights, updates, and the occasional funny tweet… Featured image from iStock, chart from

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Bloomberg Law environment reporter Scott moves to Capitol Hill beat

Dean Scott

Dean Scott, who has covered the environmental and climate change at Bloomberg Industry Group for the last 20 years, is moving to the Capitol Hill beat.

Scott has reported on U.S. and international climate change policies, programs, and initiatives on global warming and related energy issues for Bloomberg Industry’s Daily Environment Report, International Environment Reporter, Energy and Climate Report, and other Bloomberg Industry publications.

He also has done daily reporting on House and Senate legislative action on environment and energy, and he followed international developments under United Nations negotiations toward the 2015 global climate accord.

Scott previously worked at Kiplinger Washington Editors and the Carroll County Times in Maryland.

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Vortex Energy Announces Further Extension of Marketing Campaign

Article content

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Sept. 01, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Vortex Energy Corp. (CSE: VRTX | OTC: VTECF | FRA: AA3) (“Vortex” or the “Company“) is pleased to announce, further to its news releases on April 28, 2023, June 23, 2023 and July 21, 2023 that it has further extended its engagement of Financial Star News Inc. (“FSN”) (address: 701 West Georgia Street, Suite 1500, Vancouver, British Columbia V7Y 1C6; email: [email protected]) for marketing services for an additional 60 days commencing on September 5, 2023, provided that the term of the marketing services may be extended or shortened at the discretion of management depending on, amongst other things, the efficiency of the marketing services.

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As previously disclosed, FSN has and shall continue to, as appropriate, create campaigns, ad groups, text ads, display ads, perform detailed keyword research, setup and manage remarketing campaigns, optimize keyword options, coordinate online advertisers and marketers corresponding to online marketing targets, create landing pages for ad campaigns and generally bring attention to the business of the Company. The promotional activity undertaken by FSN will occur on and by email, Facebook and Google.

Article content

The Company will pay a fee of USD $500,000 (plus GST) for the extension. The Company will not issue any securities to FSN as compensation for its marketing services. As of the date hereof, to the Company’s knowledge, FSN (including its directors and officers) does not own any securities of the Company and has an arm’s length relationship with the Company.

About Vortex Energy Corp.

Vortex Energy Corp. is an exploration stage company engaged principally in the acquisition, exploration, and development of mineral properties in North America. The company is currently advancing its Robinson River Salt Project comprised of a total of 942 claims covering 23,500 hectares located approximately 35 linear kms south of the town of Stephenville in the Province of Newfoundland & Labrador. The Robinson River Salt Project is prospective for both salt and hydrogen salt cavern storage. The company is actively evaluating technologies to efficiently store hydrogen or energy in salt caverns. Vortex Energy Corp. also holds the Fire Eye Project, which is located in the Wollaston Domain of northern Saskatchewan, Canada.

Article content

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On Behalf of the Board of Directors

Paul Sparkes
Chief Executive Officer, Director
+1 (778) 819-0164
[email protected]

Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

Certain statements contained in this press release constitute forward-looking information. These statements relate to future events or future performance. The use of any of the words “could”, “intend”, “expect”, “believe”, “will”, “projected”, “estimated” and similar expressions and statements relating to matters that are not historical facts are intended to identify forward-looking information and are based on the Company’s current beliefs or assumptions as to the outcome and timing of such future events. In particular, this press release contains forward-looking information relating to, among other things, the expected term of the marketing activities contracted for by the Company.

Various assumptions or factors are typically applied in drawing conclusions or making the forecasts or projections set out in forward-looking information, including, in respect of the forward-looking information included in this press release, assumptions regarding the efficacy of the Company’s marketing program.

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Article content

Although forward-looking information is based on the reasonable assumptions of the Company’s management, there can be no assurance that any forward-looking information will prove to be accurate. Forward looking information involves known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors which may cause the actual results, performance or achievements to be materially different from any future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by the forward-looking information. Such factors include, among other things, the risk that the Company’s marketing program may not be as effective as anticipated by the Company and that the budget for the Company’s marketing program may not be sufficient to permit the marketing activities to continue for the anticipated term. The forward-looking information contained in this release is made as of the date hereof, and the Company not obligated to update or revise any forward-looking information, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise, except as required by applicable securities laws. Because of the risks, uncertainties and assumptions contained herein, investors should not place undue reliance on forward-looking information. The foregoing statements expressly qualify any forward-looking information contained herein.

The Canadian Securities Exchange has not reviewed, approved, or disapproved the contents of this press release.

Article content


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Does The IRS Settle For Less Than Owed?  

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is often perceived as an intimidating entity when it comes to tax debt. However, taxpayers who find themselves in financial distress may wonder if the IRS is willing to settle for less than what they owe.

In this article, we will explore the IRS Fresh Start Programs available to taxpayers facing IRS debt and shed light on the settlement process.

Understanding IRS Debt  

Before delving into the settlement process, it is crucial to understand what IRS debt entails. When individuals or businesses fail to fulfill their tax obligations, such as filing returns or paying taxes owed, they can accumulate tax debt. Unpaid taxes can lead to penalties, interest charges, and potential legal consequences. Resolving IRS debt is essential to avoid these repercussions and regain financial stability.

The Settlement Process  

The IRS offers various methods to settle tax debt, depending on the taxpayer’s financial situation and ability to pay. Two common approaches are the Offer in Compromise (OIC) and Installment Agreements.

Offer in Compromise  

An Offer in Compromise is an arrangement that allows taxpayers to settle their tax debt for less than the full amount owed. Tax resolution companies like Ideal Tax can help with your Offer in Compromise. This option is available to individuals and businesses who can demonstrate that paying the full tax liability would cause undue financial hardship. The IRS evaluates the taxpayer’s income, assets, expenses, and overall financial situation to determine if they qualify for an Offer in Compromise.

Installment Agreements  

Installment Agreements provide taxpayers with the opportunity to pay their tax debt over time in manageable monthly installments. This option is suitable for individuals who can afford to pay their tax liability but require a more extended period to do so. By negotiating an Installment Agreement with the IRS, taxpayers can avoid immediate financial strain and settle their debt gradually.

Benefits of Settling IRS Debt  

Choosing to settle IRS debt offers several advantages to taxpayers facing financial hardship.

Reduced Financial Burden  

Settling tax debt for less than the full amount owed can provide substantial relief to individuals and businesses struggling with their finances. It allows them to reduce the overall burden of their tax liability and regain control over their financial situation.

Avoidance of Legal Action  

By proactively engaging in the settlement process, taxpayers can avoid potential legal consequences resulting from unresolved tax debt. Settling with the IRS can prevent actions such as wage garnishments, bank levies, or property seizures.

How to Initiate the Settlement Process  

Initiating the settlement process requires careful preparation and adherence to specific steps.

Gather Relevant Documentation  

Before approaching the IRS, it is essential to gather all relevant financial documentation. This includes income statements, expense records, asset documentation, and any other records that support the taxpayer’s financial situation.

Submitting an Offer in Compromise  

If pursuing an Offer in Compromise, taxpayers must complete Form 656, including detailed financial information and an offer amount. This form, along with the required fee, must be submitted to the IRS for evaluation.

Negotiating an Installment Agreement  

For negotiating an Installment Agreement, taxpayers can request this option through the IRS website or by phone. They will need to provide detailed financial information and propose a monthly payment amount that is reasonable and sustainable based on their income and expenses.

Factors that Determine Whether the IRS will Settle for Less than Owed  

It is quite commonplace for taxpayers to experience hardships in fulfilling their financial responsibilities to the Internal Revenue Service. However, the IRS recognizes that some taxpayers may face financial hardships and may not be able to pay their tax debts in full. In such cases, the IRS may consider settling for less than what is owed.

The decision to settle for a reduced amount largely depends on three main factors: the assets and income of the taxpayer, the taxpayer’s expenses and lifestyle, and the taxpayer’s compliance history.

1. Assets and Income of the Taxpayer  

One of the primary factors that the IRS considers when determining whether to settle for a reduced amount is the value of a taxpayer’s assets and income level. The IRS will want to know if the taxpayer has savings or assets that can be liquidated to satisfy the tax debt.

In addition, the IRS will look at the taxpayer’s income sources and their earning potential. If the taxpayer has a low income and minimal assets, they may be deemed eligible for a reduction in the tax debt owed.

2. Taxpayer’s Expenses and Lifestyle  

Another important consideration for the IRS in determining a taxpayer’s eligibility for a settlement is their expenses and lifestyle. The IRS will want to review the taxpayer’s budget to see if there are any nonessential expenses that can be eliminated to free up income to pay the tax debt.

The taxpayer’s lifestyle will also be examined to see if their expenses are reasonable and in line with their income. If the taxpayer can demonstrate that they are living modestly and prudently with limited discretionary spending, they may be deemed eligible for a settlement.

3. The Taxpayer’s Compliance History  

The IRS will also consider the taxpayer’s past compliance history when deciding whether to settle for less than owed. The IRS will review the taxpayer’s tax filings to determine if they have a history of filing their returns and paying their taxes on time. If the taxpayer has a good compliance history, the IRS may be more willing to settle for a reduced amount.

However, if the taxpayer has a history of noncompliance, the IRS may be less likely to offer a settlement.

Common Misconceptions about IRS Settlements  

There are some common misconceptions surrounding IRS settlements that need clarification.

Complete Debt Forgiveness  

Contrary to popular belief, IRS settlements do not guarantee complete debt forgiveness. While it is possible to settle for less than the total amount owed, the IRS will thoroughly evaluate the taxpayer’s financial situation before approving any settlement offer.

Easy Approval Process  

The approval process for IRS settlements can be complex and stringent. The IRS carefully examines the taxpayer’s financial records and makes a decision based on their ability to pay and compliance with tax regulations.


Resolving IRS debt is a daunting task for many taxpayers, but it is essential to explore available options. The IRS does offer settlement programs such as the Offer in Compromise and Installment Agreements, providing individuals and businesses with opportunities to settle their tax debt and alleviate financial stress. By understanding the process and meeting the eligibility criteria, taxpayers can work towards resolving their IRS debt and achieving a fresh financial start.

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Honor Launches into International Market with Its Magic V2 Foldable Smartphone

Despite its slender battery, the company claims that the Magic V2 can deliver approximately 14 hours of continuous video playback when unfolded.

Honor has introduced its flagship foldable smartphone, the “Honor Magic V2”, as part of its strategy to enter the international market, particularly in Europe and other regions, by the first quarter of 2024.

Formerly a subsidiary of Huawei, Honor was sold to investors, becoming an independent company after its former mother company had a series of sanctions in the United States. Subsequently, Huawei’s access to crucial technology was reduced, diminishing its impact on the global smartphone market.

Honor currently holds a market share of 5.2%, positioning it as a relatively small player compared to popular brands like Samsung and iPhones. Additionally, the majority of its market presence is concentrated in China, with over 70% of its sales relying on domestic markets.

However, since gaining independence, Honor has been implementing strategies to establish itself as a major player in the smartphone industry, with a particular focus on international markets. One key approach is offering high-quality smartphones at competitive prices.

According to CNBC, Simon Baker, director of IDC’s mobile phone research in Europe, said:

“Honor appears to be following Huawei’s playbook in its successful big push in the global smartphone market before US actions set it in reverse, and is aiming for a largely upmarket portfolio with an emphasis on top notch technology and specs.”

The Magic V2 is Honor’s second foldable smartphone, and it is designed in such a way that the entire body can be folded and unfolded. It was initially launched in China in July at a price of 8,999 yuan, equivalent to approximately $1,235. However, the pricing for international markets has not yet been announced.

Features of the Honor Magic V2 Smartphone

The Honor Magic V2 boasts several standout features. Notably,  it has a remarkable balance between thinness and battery life. The phone boasts one of the slimmest bodies in the industry, measuring a mere 9.9mm. Additionally, it is incredibly lightweight, tipping the scales at just 231g, solidifying its position as one of the slimmest and lightest foldable phones available.

Despite its slender battery, which measures just 2.72 millimeters in thickness, the company claims that the Magic V2 can deliver approximately 14 hours of continuous video playback when unfolded. In practical terms, this means users can enjoy extended video viewing on the phone before needing to recharge. This makes the phone an appealing choice for those seeking a sleek and portable device. However, it’s worth noting that the battery life may not match that of some competing devices, such as the iPhone 14 model.

Some Challenges Honor Has in Competing with Major Brands

Honor faces several challenges when competing with major brands like the iPhone and Samsung, which dominate the smartphone market. These challenges include limited resources as an independent entity compared to its previous status as a Huawei subsidiary.

Apple and Samsung have extensive global operations, significant research and development investments, a high marketing budget, and strong brand recognition. Although Honor is gaining recognition for its products, building a global reputation and establishing strong customer recognition will take time.


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Temitope is a writer with more than four years of experience writing across various niches. He has a special interest in the fintech and blockchain spaces and enjoy writing articles in those areas. He holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in linguistics. When not writing, he trades forex and plays video games. 

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Businessman Rendon Labador’s TikTok Account Deleted

Businessman, social media personality, and ‘motivational speaker’ Rendon Labador’s TikTok account got permanently deleted.

And while he’s angry over the situation, questioning TikTok’s decision, social media users are having a field day commenting on their happiness or sadness over the situation, depending on which side they’re on.

Photo credit: Rendon Labador

TikTok Permanently Deletes Rendon Labador’s Account

Rendon is known to be quite vocal about many issues in the country – and he appears to have an opinion about everything, including expressing anger against the Gilas Basketball Team coach Chot Reyes (whom he dubbed as “Choke” Reyes), sharing his thoughts about the Vice Ganda and Ion Perez issue, blasting Coco Martin’s Quiapo taping for “Batang Quiapo,” and so many others.

Although everyone is entitled to their opinions about matters, of course, netizens are furious that Rendon makes it sound like he’s the authority in various situations.

Businessman Rendon Labador’s TikTok Account Permanently Deleted, Gets Mixed Reactions
Photo credit: Rendon Labador

He also received angry comments after selling what he calls “motivational rice,” which costs Phh100 per serving.

Netizens grew more furious when he appeared to look down on people who can’t afford his “motivational rice,” urging them to work harder and be motivated so they can eventually have the means to buy the expensive rice.

On August 30, an angry but “still motivated” Rendon lamented the permanent deletion of his TikTok account, sharing about it on his other social media pages.

In a “feeling motivated” post, he expressed his disbelief over the deleted account, questioning whether it’s wrong to be the “voice of the people” to expose the supposedly dumb things that others are doing.

Businessman Rendon Labador’s TikTok Account Permanently Deleted, Gets Mixed Reactions
Photo credit: Rendon Labador
Businessman Rendon Labador’s TikTok Account Permanently Deleted, Gets Mixed Reactions
Photo credit: Rendon Labador

He also pointed out that TikTok hasn’t done anything to accounts sharing stuff (or videos) that are a bad influence to people, implying that those accounts should have been deleted instead of his.

It’s curious, however, that hundreds of people are sarcastically “congratulating” Rendon on his post, adding that he “deserves” it. Many also wished that the same thing will happen to his Facebook, Instagram, and other social media accounts…

Businessman Rendon Labador’s TikTok Account Permanently Deleted, Gets Mixed Reactions
Photo credit: Rendon Labador

Although there are some who are also supporting him genuinely (or appear to), most of the commenters appeared to be happy over the situation, leading Rendon to add a follow up comment about the situation.

What is Rendon Labador’s Business?

Businessman Rendon Labador’s TikTok Account Permanently Deleted, Gets Mixed Reactions
Photo credit: Rendon Labador
Businessman Rendon Labador’s TikTok Account Permanently Deleted, Gets Mixed Reactions
Photo credit: Rendon Labador

Rendon owns Episode Bar + Kitchen. Though he also drew flak after blaming the zero turnout on his grand opening to Coco Martin’s “angry fans.”

Joy Adalia
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Mazagon, BEML among 7 defence stocks that surged 50-178% in FY24 – ​​Stellar Show​

NTPC Share Price 230.70 03:59 PM | 01 Sep 2023 10.40(4.72%) Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Share Price 181.75 03:59 PM | 01 Sep 2023 7.60(4.36%) JSW Steel Share Price 806.40 03:59 PM | 01 Sep 2023 26.75(3.43%) Tata Steel Share Price 127.05 03:59 PM | 01 Sep 2023 4.15(3.38%) Maruti Suzuki Share Price 10331.25 03:59 PM | 01 Sep 2023 327.45(3.27%) Power Grid Corporation of India Share Price 252.20 03:59 PM | 01 Sep 2023 7.65(3.13%) Coal India Share Price 236.90 03:59 PM | 01 Sep 2023 6.85(2.98%) Hindalco Industries Share Price 473.25 03:59 PM | 01 Sep 2023 13.40(2.91%) IndusInd Bank Share Price 1416.55 03:59 PM | 01 Sep 2023 38.40(2.79%) Bajaj Finance Share Price 7320.60 03:59 PM | 01 Sep 2023 157.60(2.20%) Tech Mahindra Share Price 1228.05 03:59 PM | 01 Sep 2023 26.10(2.17%) SBI Life Share Price 1320.55 03:59 PM | 01 Sep 2023 28.00(2.17%) LTIMindtree Share Price 5303.35 03:59 PM | 01 Sep 2023 109.95(2.12%) UPL Share Price 603.00 03:59 PM | 01 Sep 2023 11.85(2.00%) Wipro Share Price 416.35 03:59 PM | 01 Sep 2023 7.95(1.95%) Eicher Motors Share Price 3400.40 03:59 PM | 01 Sep 2023 63.80(1.91%) Axis Bank Share Price 991.15 03:59 PM | 01 Sep 2023 17.65(1.81%) Bajaj Finserv Share Price 1514.50 03:59 PM | 01 Sep 2023 25.60(1.72%) Tata Motors Share Price 611.20 03:59 PM | 01 Sep 2023 10.20(1.70%) State Bank of India Share Price 569.55 03:59 PM | 01 Sep 2023 8.20(1.46%) Adani Enterprises Share Price 2450.05 03:59 PM | 01 Sep 2023 30.80(1.27%) Bajaj Auto Share Price 4668.45 03:59 PM | 01 Sep 2023 54.65(1.18%) TATA CONSUMER PRODUCTS Share Price 844.15 03:59 PM | 01 Sep 2023 9.80(1.17%) HCL Technologies Share Price 1185.80 03:58 PM | 01 Sep 2023 13.65(1.16%) Grasim Industries Share Price 1811.50 03:59 PM | 01 Sep 2023 20.55(1.15%) Bharti Airtel Share Price 865.95 03:58 PM | 01 Sep 2023 9.55(1.12%) Bharat Petroleum Corporation Share Price 344.20 03:59 PM | 01 Sep 2023 3.65(1.07%) Mahindra & Mahindra Share Price 1591.95 03:59 PM | 01 Sep 2023 16.55(1.05%) ICICI Bank Share Price 968.70 03:59 PM | 01 Sep 2023 9.95(1.04%) Adani Ports & Special Economic Zone Share Price 799.50 03:59 PM | 01 Sep 2023 7.30(0.92%) Kotak Mahindra Bank Share Price 1771.10 03:59 PM | 01 Sep 2023 12.35(0.70%) Tata Consultancy Share Price 3379.20 03:59 PM | 01 Sep 2023 22.40(0.67%) Infosys Share Price 1443.85 03:59 PM | 01 Sep 2023 8.40(0.59%) Apollo Hospitals Enterprises Share Price 4840.35 03:59 PM | 01 Sep 2023 26.25(0.55%) Titan Company Share Price 3116.80 03:58 PM | 01 Sep 2023 12.35(0.40%) Hero MotoCorp Share Price 2927.40 03:57 PM | 01 Sep 2023 11.45(0.39%) Britannia Industries Share Price 4484.35 03:59 PM | 01 Sep 2023 16.60(0.37%) ITC Share Price 441.05 03:59 PM | 01 Sep 2023 1.35(0.31%) Reliance Industries Share Price 2412.65 03:59 PM | 01 Sep 2023 5.65(0.23%) HDFC Bank Share Price 1574.70 03:59 PM | 01 Sep 2023 3.25(0.21%) Asian Paints Share Price 3259.55 03:59 PM | 01 Sep 2023 3.45(0.11%) Hindustan Unilever Share Price 2504.80 03:59 PM | 01 Sep 2023 -0.25(-0.01%) Larsen & Toubro Share Price 2702.10 03:59 PM | 01 Sep 2023 -0.60(-0.02%) Divis Laboratories Share Price 3589.30 03:59 PM | 01 Sep 2023 -2.80(-0.08%) Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Share Price 1109.00 03:59 PM | 01 Sep 2023 -2.60(-0.23%) Nestle India Share Price 21915.55 03:57 PM | 01 Sep 2023 -70.85(-0.32%) UltraTech Cement Share Price 8262.40 03:50 PM | 01 Sep 2023 -35.05(-0.42%) Dr Reddys Laboratories Share Price 5578.55 03:59 PM | 01 Sep 2023 -29.30(-0.52%) HDFC LIFE INSURANCE Share Price 641.35 03:59 PM | 01 Sep 2023 -3.40(-0.53%) Cipla Share Price 1245.40 03:58 PM | 01 Sep 2023 -12.20(-0.97%) Load more..

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Ben Armstrong Apologizes to Crypto Community Amid Bitboy Drama, Hints at Comeback

Bitboy Crypto’s Ben Armstrong has released an emotional apology video after he was kicked out of the company.

His wife, Bethany, accompanied the infamous crypto influencer in the emotional video shared on the BitBoy Crypto YouTube channel. In it, Armstrong acknowledged making mistakes that led to his ouster from the company.

Armstrong’s Apology

While denying that he had gone back to using hard drugs like cocaine and methamphetamines, Armstrong admitted to taking diet pills and steroids, which led to him “acting crazy.”

He also confessed to having had an affair with an unnamed person, a situation that went against his image as a family man. However, Bethany confirmed that she had forgiven Ben for the affair and that she had no plans of leaving him, having “invested too much” in the relationship.

In the video, Armstrong reiterated his commitment to correcting the situation that led to his firing. And even though he was caught off guard by the confrontation regarding his substance use and infidelity, he communicated his intent to cooperate with the team from the Hit Network to guarantee the continuation of the Bitboy Crypto Channel.

Armstrong, whose departure from Bitboy Crypto sent ripples across the crypto community, stated that while he had several opportunities for legal recourse, he had chosen to work with the Bitboy team to save and grow the company.

He highlighted his wish to maintain the numerous brands under the Bitboy Crypto umbrella, such as Voomio, Bit Boy Academy, Crucial Crypto, and Hit Network. Despite the present slump in the market for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the influencer emphasized that he continues to have faith in the prospects of these brands, notably in Voomio’s ability to establish itself as a dominant platform for such tokens.

Internal Conflict

Armstrong, who founded Bitboy Crypto and its parent company Hit Network, parted ways with the organization on Aug. 29, following reports of an internal conflict between him and his partners TJ Shedd and Justin Williams.

While the video hints heavily at personal problems being the main reason Armstrong left Bitboy Crypto, others like crypto investigator ZachXBT have questioned whether it was sparked by his connection to several low-reputation meme coins.

The crypto influencer has faced criticism for marketing risky and shady crypto investments to inexperienced investors via affiliate links. It reports that he sold tokens after advertising them to viewers.

Amid this upheaval, the fate of Armstrong’s digital currency, BEN, was also called into question. Though some followers have predicted its demise, Armstrong has downplayed such speculation.


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