Acsia Technologies ties up with Soafee SIG to develop next gen automotive software

Acsia Technologies ties up with Soafee SIG to develop next gen automotive software

Acsia Technologies, the Kerala-based global automotive software brand, has announced its partnership with the Scalable Open Architecture for Embedded Edge (SOAFEE) Special Interest Group (SIG). This collaboration will enable Acsia to develop, test, and deploy software with agility, speed, and flexibility, ensuring its solutions is reliable and meets industry standards.

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SOAFEE is an industry-led collaboration between leading companies across the automotive and technology sectors. Being a specialized group comprising automotive experts and industry professionals, SOAFEE is creating an open-source, cloud-native platform for the future of vehicles. The platform will support a range of hardware configurations, simplifying software solutions in the automotive world. This will enable Acsia to create a more sustainable future for software-defined vehicles, a release said.

Acsia is working on virtualizing its in-house Sabaton platform, which will showcase a very different development approach to Linux automotive products. Acsia is also developing an entirely virtual digital cockpit platform based on Linux and Android. By using SOAFEE’s cloud-native development environment to build complex, large-scale devices like ADAS computing and digital cockpits, Acsia will develop and test software with incredible speed and agility while ensuring its solutions are reliable and meet evolving industry standards.

Jijimon Chandran, Founding Director and CEO of Acsia Technologies, said “this partnership reaffirms our commitment to innovation, development, and safety in the automotive domain. We look forward to bringing our extensive experience in the automotive software domain to contribute to the vision and scope of SOAFEE,” he added.

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SOAFEE creates an opportunity for the traditional automotive industry and the software development community to come together and share their expertise, technologies, and products as the future of the software-defined vehicle continues to be defined. Acsia will collaborate and share ideas with other community members by becoming a member.

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