Altium 365 Integrates with Z2Data To Deliver Comprehensive Component Data and Risk Management Solution


SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Altium–Altium, LLC (ASX: ALU), a leader in global electronics development software, today announced its integration with Z2Data, one of the most comprehensive electronics supply chain risk management solutions.

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This integration will provide Altium 365 users with direct access to Z2Data’s extensive supply chain and component database, enabling them to build resilience in engineering, compliance, and procurement.

Drawing upon Z2Data’s broad database of over a billion electronic components, Altium 365 users will have access to detailed component information, spanning everything from basic resistors to sophisticated integrated circuits. This data gathered directly from manufacturers, ensures accuracy and reliability, providing one platform for engineers and procurement professionals to manage supply chain risk.

“The electronics world remains highly sensitive to component supply chains since the COVID shortage, and we’re thrilled to be an enabler for driving insights to our customers with this integration between Z2Data and Altium 365,” says Ananth Avva, GM and Sr. Vice President of Cloud Platform at Altium. “It’s a partnership that will streamline workflows, mitigate risk, and elevate compliance across the entire product lifecycle. Yet we go beyond to drive deeper insights and full traceability of components to drive compliance initiatives at organizations with Z2Data’s Advanced Insights package. For our customers, that means faster time to market, lower costs, and the confidence to push the boundaries of innovation. I couldn’t be more excited about the possibilities this unlocks for our customers.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with Altium to improve the supply chain management experience for Altium 365 customers. Whether it’s obsolescence, regulatory, or geopolitical, teams need innovative ways to tackle the growing challenges,” says Mohammad Ahmad, President and CEO of Z2Data. “That starts with getting access to the right data. Z2Data’s comprehensive database will give teams the information they need to make timely and informed decisions around their product development strategy.”

The integration will offer:

  • Comprehensive Data Coverage: Dive deep into detailed part datasheets, lifecycle stages, RoHS & REACH compliance, and most importantly, Z2Data’s exclusive part scoring algorithm.
  • Risk Management: Z2Data’s proprietary 6-point part scoring algorithm goes beyond the basics. It factors in critical elements like obsolescence projections, multi-sourcing, compliance, technology shifts, market availability, and even manufacturer risk, giving you a comprehensive picture for informed decision-making.
  • Free Package: An exclusive offer for up to 150 part searches at no cost, including detailed part datasheets, lifecycle data, RoHS & REACH status, and an overall part score calculated based on Z2Data’s proprietary scoring algorithm.
  • Premium Package: An advanced package that gives users access to everything in the Free Package as well as critical information on electronic components, including multi-attribute parametric details, lifecycle insights, compliance checks, risk assessments, manufacturer scores, and most importantly, Z2Data’s proprietary 6-point part scoring algorithm, enabling informed decision-making in one integrated solution.

Altium continues to revolutionize the electronics development landscape, striving to consolidate all aspects of electronics product design to realization into a unified ecosystem. This integration with Z2Data underscores Altium’s commitment to delivering a comprehensive, intuitive solution that caters to electronics engineers, operations, procurement, and supply chain professionals. This approach promotes seamless coordination and empowers informed decision-making for Altium’s customers throughout the entire product development lifecycle.

The Z2Data integration will be available this spring. For more information, visit

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