Astar Network unveils zkEVM as first layer-2 on Polygon’s AggLayer


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Astar Network has officially launched Astar zkEVM, a zero-knowledge layer 2 chain that leverages Polygon CDK to offer a comprehensive solution aimed at bridging the fragmented blockchain ecosystem in Japan and globally. Astar is dedicated to connecting businesses, developers, and users to the Web3, and this launch is a significant step toward that goal.

The Astar zkEVM is the inaugural chain to integrate with Polygon’s recently unveiled AggLayer, enhancing the growth and interoperability of decentralized applications. This integration positions Astar as a frontrunner in the unification of state and liquidity, facilitating cross-chain transactions with Polygon zkEVM as if operating on a single blockchain. This achievement represents a fusion of the advantages of both monolithic and modular blockchain architectures.

With a focus on improving the Web3 user experience, Astar zkEVM introduces unified liquidity, community engagement, and near-instant atomic transactions. It stands as a crucial milestone in Astar’s vision to create a more equitable web, empowering users in Japan and worldwide. Developers and users of Astar zkEVM will benefit from a vast pool of unified liquidity and community resources, enabling seamless cross-chain transactions without the awareness of network switches.

“Today is an important first step to welcome communities to a seamless multi-chain ecosystem. With Astar and numerous other ZK-powered chains onboarding soon, Polygon CDK and AggLayer are poised to bring internet-scale capabilities to the crypto world,” Sandeep Nailwal, co-founder of Polygon, commented on the significance of this integration.

The mainnet launch follows a successful testnet phase, which saw around 5,000 contracts deployed and nearly half a million transactions processed. Notable developments include Deloitte’s creation of an NFT game for a Japanese Government Sports Agency and the PACKS platform for trading tokenized Pokemon cards.

Japanese organizations are already leveraging Astar zkEVM for innovative projects. Hakuhodo Inc. and Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. have embarked on the KOKYO NFT initiative, tokenizing local experiences and assets to enhance the connection between Japanese tourism and international travelers.

“Our integration in the AggLayer and continuous development investment cements Astar zkEVM’s role as Japan’s Web3 hub for innovation, entertainment, and retail dApps,” stated Sota Watanabe, founder of Astar Network. “Astar is at the forefront of Japan’s Web3 expansion across enterprise, retail, and government sectors, propelling Web3 as a key component of Japan’s national innovation strategy.”

In anticipation of the mainnet launch, Astar Network introduced new tokenomics aimed at long-term success and ecosystem enhancement. The network is set to provide full support to developers by incorporating infrastructure projects like LayerZero, The Graph, Pyth, Gelato, and other leading Web3 services.

Astar zkEVM’s advanced Web3 infrastructure, powered by AggLayer and Polygon CDK, is set to spearhead mass adoption with the mainnet launch campaign, Yoki Origins. This campaign invites participants to explore and collect Yoki characters, inspired by Japanese supernatural entities, the Youkai, while collaborating with talented artists and Web3 innovators.

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