‘Blatant discrimination’: Bengaluru metro faces backlash for barring farmer’s entry over ‘dirty clothes’

Controversy Erupts as Farmer Barred from Bengaluru Metro Over Attire: Social Media Outrage Ensues

A farmer was recently barred from entering a metro in Bengaluru due to the perceived uncleanliness of his attire. The incident was captured in a video shared on the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter.  The video shows a man, identified as Karthik C Airani, defending the farmer and challenging the metro officials at the Rajajinagar metro station. He questioned the existence of a dress code for metro commuters. 

“He is a farmer and possesses the required ticket to travel through the metro. He also does not have any items in his sack that are prohibited from bringing into the metro. He only has clothes. On what basis is he being denied entry?

“Show me a rule which mandates a dress code for commuters of the metro. Is this a transport restricted to the VIPs? It’s public transport,” Airani was heard arguing with an official in Kannada.

The farmer, according to Airani, held a valid ticket and carried no prohibited items in his sack, only clothes. Another commuter also supported the farmer, accusing the official of blatant discrimination. 

“The man is a farmer coming from a village. It is right to deny him entry only if he is in possession of materials that are barred from being brought to the metro service. We would also agree to your denial if the farmer possessed any such material but this is blatant discrimination,” the commuter said.

The incident sparked outrage on social media after the video went viral. In response, Bengaluru metro issued a statement confirming the termination of the security official involved and reaffirmed the metro service’s inclusivity.

“This is disgraceful , metro management u shouldn’t disrespect a person for his dress code. U people allow who wear full short dress or similar to like that,” a user wrote. Another one commented, “Sir Really this is a modern day apartheid practiced in Metro. I know u r going through lot of agony and pain but I am sure u r still capable of atleast reaching this to right people and issuing a strict warning and guidelines.”

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