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At the intersection of innovation and diversity in Southern California lies California State University, Fullerton (CSUF), an embodiment of intellectual and cultural vitality. Since its establishment in 1957 as the 12th campus of the esteemed California State University (CSU) system, CSUF has played a pivotal role in shaping the region’s educational landscape and driving economic development.

With accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges dating back to the early 1960s, CSUF has evolved into a comprehensive institution offering 119-degree programs across various disciplines.

Spanning from the arts to business and from education to engineering, these programs, including 55 undergraduate and 64 graduate programs (including doctorates in education and nursing practice), are housed within its eight colleges: the College of the Arts, College of Business and Economics, College of Communications, College of Education, College of Engineering and Computer Science, College of Health and Human Development, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, and College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.

CSUF’s commitment to providing a diverse and inclusive learning environment is evident through its dedication to serving a broad student population, ensuring access to transformational curricular and co-curricular experiences. With nearly 42,000 students enrolled in fall 2023, CSUF stands as the largest campus within the CSU system. Guided by a commitment to student success, CSUF actively implements strategies aimed at enhancing graduation rates and closing equity gaps, thereby ensuring every student has the opportunity to thrive.

CSUF champions diversity and inclusion among its faculty and staff, with nearly 20% of faculty and over 40% of staff representing underrepresented backgrounds. This dedication to cultivating a diverse community garnered recognition in 2021 with the prestigious Seal of Excelencia from Excelencia in Education.

Today, CSUF serves as a dynamic hub for innovation, workforce development and societal advancement enriching the lives of its students and the broader community it proudly serves!

Innovative Education, Lasting Impact

Cal State Fullerton transforms lives through innovative education, research, and creative activities. It inspires every member of the Titan community to embark on a lifelong journey of critical inquiry and social justice, empowering them to become catalysts for equity and inclusivity. CSUF is dedicated to advancing the intellectual and cultural enrichment of Orange County and fostering economic growth that extends far beyond its borders.

Our vision is to serve as a model public university that cultivates leaders who drive innovation, systemic change, and collective well-being in local and global communities.”

Titans Thrive

Some initiatives at CSUF aiming to enhance student success and career growth are listed below:

  • Guardian Scholars: Cal State Fullerton’s Guardian Scholars Program is committed to supporting current and former foster youth as they transition from the foster care system. The program offers comprehensive support to enrich the university experience, equipping students with the skills needed for self-sufficiency and leadership roles in their communities. Through holistic guidance, Guardian Scholars fosters academic success, professional development and lifelong learning.
  • Titan Dreamers Resource Center: Providing vital support for undocumented students, this center offers academic advising, financial aid assistance and workshops on career development and graduate school opportunities.
  • Project RAISE: Dedicated to supporting underrepresented students in STEM fields, Project RAISE offers mentorship, research experiences, professional development workshops, and networking opportunities to enhance academic and career success.
  • Titan Capital Management: This student-managed investment fund allows finance and investment students to gain practical experience in managing portfolios and preparing them for careers in finance as well as investment management.
  • Titan Career Chat: CSUF offers virtual appointments with career counselors through Titan Career Chat providing personalized advice on resume building, job search strategies and interview preparation.
  • Titan Success Center: Offering academic coaching, tutoring and workshops, the Titan Success Center assists students in developing study skills and time management techniques for academic success.
  • Titan Connection: Serving as a one-stop platform, Titan Connection enables students to explore full-time and part-time employment, internships and volunteer opportunities while also registering for events and workshops tailored to their interests.
  • Centralized Internship Program: CSUF connects students with internships relevant to their fields of study, facilitating practical experience, skill development, and networking with potential employers.

As the university continues to innovate and expand its support services, it remains dedicated to empowering students for future success on their chosen paths.

Bridging Academia and Industry

In order to create opportunities for students, CSUF offers the following:

  • Industry Advisory Boards: Comprising professionals and experts from relevant fields, industry advisory boards play a pivotal role in shaping curriculum development at Cal State Fullerton. These programs ensure alignment with industry needs and facilitate networking, internships and job placements for students.
  • Partnerships and Collaborative Projects: CSUF actively seeks partnerships with industry for collaborative research, projects and community engagement. These partnerships offer students real-world experience and opportunities for joint research efforts and sponsored projects.
  • Internship Programs: Collaborating with industry partners, the university provides internship opportunities across disciplines. These internships enable students to gain hands-on experience, develop industry-specific skills and establish professional connections.
  • Career Fairs and Networking Events: Organized by CSUF, career fairs, networking events and workshops facilitate connections between students and industry professionals. These events offer insights into career paths, industry trends and valuable networking opportunities.
  • Guest Lectures and Speaker Series: Guest speakers at CSUF provide students with insights into industry trends, career paths, and skill requirements, enriching their educational experience.

Leading Lights

From Hollywood to the world of entrepreneurship, CSUF alumni continue to make strides. Nick Guillen ‘15 and Nick Ajluni ‘15, Forbes 30 under 30 recipients in 2019, co-founded TRUFF Hot Sauce, garnering acclaim. Kelsie Whitmore ‘20 ‘22 blazes trails as the first woman to play in the Atlantic League, supported by CSUF.

Omid Abtahi ‘02 graces screens in Star Wars ‘The Mandalorian,’ showcasing Titan talent in Hollywood. Chloe Gharios Osorio ’17 empowers young women in STEM fields, embodying CSUF’s commitment to diversity and innovation.

Kevin Costner ‘78, a titan in entertainment, boasts numerous awards, including two Academy Awards for his iconic film ‘Dances with Wolves.’ These success stories highlight CSUF’s impact across industries shaping leaders and innovators worldwide.

Connecting Talent with Opportunity

At CSUF, students receive comprehensive support to navigate their career journey. Career Counseling and Advising services offer one-on-one sessions with trained professionals who assist in exploring interests, skills and values to identify suitable career paths. Services include:

  • Career Assessments: Evaluate skills, interests and values to align with career options.
  • Resume and Cover Letter Workshops: Learn essential tools for job applications.
  • Mock Interviews: Practice and refine interview skills for success.
  • Job and Internship Fairs: Connect with potential employers and explore internship opportunities.
  • Online Job Boards and Resources: Access a wealth of job listings and career resources.
  • Industry Networking Events: Engage with professionals to expand professional networks.
  • Internship Programs and Experiential Learning Opportunities: Gain hands-on experience in desired fields, enhancing career readiness.

Mentoring Future Leaders

At Cal State Fullerton, students benefit from a plethora of mentoring programs tailored to their academic journey. This list is a sample of what the university offers:

  • College of Business and Economics Executive in Residence
  • College of Health and Human Development Peer Mentor Program
  • The Abrego Future Scholars Program
  • President’s Scholars Program
  • Ujimaa Mentoring Program
  • Midwifery Mentoring and Belonging Program

These initiatives, whether college-based or affiliated with scholar programs offer invaluable guidance and support. As part of the university’s strategic plan—Fullerton Forward—fostering continuous growth in mentoring remains a key priority ensuring equitable and innovative support for students throughout their academic and career pathways.

CSUF stands as a diverse hub nurturing future leaders across various disciplines. Notable areas of focus include cyber security, nursing, finance, social work, accounting, sports broadcasting, and beyond. With a wide array of programs, the university prepares students to excel in their chosen fields and make significant contributions to society.

Moreover, Fullerton Forward 2024-29 outlines the university’s priorities, goals and vision for the next five years, providing a strategic framework for CSUF’s future.

Fullerton Forward, Cal State Fullerton’s 2024-2029 Strategic Plan, is developed collaboratively by the broad Titan community to set forth a thoughtful and aspirational roadmap for the University. This strategic plan distinguishes Cal State Fullerton as a model institution and amplifies our impact in communities.

Recognizing the historical systemic and institutional barriers, the strategic plan aims to empower the students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community partners to pursue creative and varied practices, approaches, and modalities that support the diverse backgrounds, identities, and experiences of all in the Titan community. The University as a whole, including each of its divisions and colleges, will engage in consultation and collaboration, commit resources and support, and embrace innovation and change in pursuit of the strategic plan goals.

Fueling Discovery

CSUF faculty spearheads cutting-edge research across disciplines, often involving students. In 2022-2023, the university secured $46.1 million in grants and contracts for diverse research projects. The Undergraduate Research and Opportunity Center supports faculty-led research and creative endeavors, empowering students to contribute to their fields. Student fellows at UROC undergo training and collaborate with faculty mentors, culminating in significant contributions to academia. Recent articles highlight notable student research achievements, showcasing CSUF’s commitment to fostering innovation and scholarly excellence.

Prestige and Leadership

Cal State Fullerton stands as a prestigious institution ranked among the nation’s top universities and is revered as a leader within the California State University system and beyond. A Titan education emphasizes immersive learning, fostering cultural competence and confidence among graduates.

Positioned to thrive in the global marketplace and their communities, CSUF alumni are well-prepared for success. Explore the university rankings for more information, and delve into the Division of Student Affairs annual report to learn about the impact of student support programs and assessments on campus.

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