Center for Public Integrity welcomes Dai as data journalist


Zhaozhou (Jovi) Dai

Zhaozhou (Jovi) Dai has joined the Center for Public Integrity as a data journalist supporting the investigative nonprofit newsroom’s partnership with the Central Valley Journalism Collaborative in California.

Dai has worked as a data reporter at Storybench, a chatbot developer at the Boston Globe for The Emancipator, a reporter for The Global Observer and a data research assistant at Northeastern University’s Co-Lab for Data Impact.

“Joining the Center for Public Integrity, working in partnership with the Central Valley Journalism Collaborative, as a data reporter is an exciting opportunity for me to merge my passion for storytelling with the power of data,” said Dai, who will be based in Merced, California. “I am committed to leveraging data analysis and visualization techniques to uncover meaningful insights that will enrich our reporting, drive informed narratives, and provide knowledge to our communities. I look forward to collaborating with my experienced colleagues to craft impactful, data-driven stories that shed light on important issues.”

Dai holds a master’s degree from Northeastern and a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

His data-driven reporting project, “Software Tools to Support Climate Reporting: Addressing Gaps and Needs among Journalists,” was recently accepted for presentation at the 2023 Joint Computation + Journalism European Data & Computational Journalism Conference in Zürich, Switzerland.

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