Content creator sneaks snacks into movie theatre showing ‘OMG 2’: video goes viral


Movie buffs universally agree that devouring mouth-watering snacks while engrossed in a good film undoubtedly elevates the whole cinematic experience. Nothing beats the classic combination of sprawling comfortably on a plush seat inside a movie theatre, the aroma of buttery popcorn wafting through the air, a jumbo tub of popcorn on your lap, and an ice-cold soda within arm’s reach.

Now, a video of a content creator sneaking snacks inside a theatre has gone viral on social media with over 35 millions of views. In the video, the content creator is seen placing snacks such as chips, chocolate, and a cold drink bottle inside an empty shoe box. He then tapes the box shut and walks into the theatre without being stopped by security.

An Instagram creator shared on social media and called it ‘genius hack’. The video finishes off with him enjoying his snacks while watching ‘OMG 2’, a film starring Akshay Kumar.

The audience’s response online has been overwhelming, turning this cheeky stunt into a viral sensation. 

Swiggy Instamart’s official Instagram page acknowledged the photo, joking, “Smartest student from section A.”

Not everyone, though, was amused. Some viewers agreed with the theatre owners, accusing the creator of potentially damaging the film industry. They contended that such moves could lead to tougher screenings in theatres.

“Box bhi check karte hai,” a user commented. “Security guards be watching this reel like,” another one wrote. “Hacker ha, hacker hai bhai,” a third user wrote. ” Smartest student from Section A,” Swiggy Instamart commented.

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