Early March Highs for Raffle Coin (RAFF): Cardano (ADA) and Stellar (XLM) Join the Presale Rally with Ethereum (ETH) at $3.5K


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The cryptocurrency market is alive as the start of March has seen marked highs for most of the digital assets. Raffle Coin (RAFF) has come to take center stage next to giants Cardano (ADA), Stellar (XLM) and Ethereum (ETH). Each coin presents a different kind of opportunity and challenge, reflecting upon the dynamics of the crypto world.

As Raffle Coin’s presale gathers strong traction, more and more people are looking to participate in the presale, with Cardano (ADA), Stellar (XLM) and Ethereum (ETH) showing resilience and growth. The following section aims to outline recent activity and the prospects ahead for the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Cardano (ADA): Reaching New Heights

Cardano (ADA), which is one of the best performers this year, has bounced to its highest level in 22 months. At $0.780, Cardano (ADA) is incredibly bouncing from its cycle low, 10% up. As a bearish prediction, this altcoin has emerged to be bouncing back with a remarkable 53.71% growth over the last month. Although Cardano (ADA) still lags from its all-time high of $3.10 posted on September 2, 2021, its market valuation of $27.69B, along with increasing trading volume, signals optimism toward more growth. On the flip side however, the IOMAP chart shows strong support at the $0.75 level of In/Out of the Money Around Price. This would mean that ADA/USD has a strong base for its price to drop.

Stellar (XLM): A Bullish Outlook

Stellar (XLM) has a bullish rating as it rises 9.2% and exchanges at $0.1478, even with the broader market, which records a sharper increase. The sentiment score is bullish on this cryptocurrency, suggesting some positive momentum has built up over the last five days. Now trading towards a 5-day high of $0.1574, Stellar (XLM) indicates potential for another take-up with support approximately at $0.1310 and resistance at $0.1398 during this phase. Low recent volume price action for Stellar (XLM) suggests the coin is in a volatile position, offering opportunities for continued upward momentum.

Ethereum (ETH): Wallet Activity and Market Performance

Ethereum (ETH) continues on a fiery trajectory and the most important activities of the wallets by Vitalik Buterin serve to arouse attention. Transactions from the Buterin wallet may not be about making market predictions directly, but within some recent days, Ethereum’s (ETH) defiant performance is quite clear. With that the price broke past $3,000, even the $3,200 and $3,250 price levels. This bullish scenario sees Ethereum (ETH) moving averages validate even with large volumes to back the price rally. With Ethereum (ETH) heading into uncharted territory, there are psychological price levels that turn into resistance. With that, it is likely for any selling pressure to test those newfound support levels.

Raffle Coin (RAFF): Driving Decentralized Gaming

In the realm of decentralized gaming, Raffle Coin (RAFF) stands out with its unique vision and innovative approach. The presale of Raffle Coin (RAFF) is currently attracting investments from prominent projects that envision a decentralized future for raffle games and lotteries, ensuring the complete protection of winnings and assets. Raffle Coin (RAFF) encourages community participation, adopting a decentralized governance model and rewarding the community through VIP staking rewards and loyalty bonuses. The presale offers multiple entry points for investors, with tokens swiftly selling out at $0.016 per token.

Find out more about the Raffle Coin (RAFF) presale by visiting the website here.

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