Employee quits instantly after boss says f*** off, post goes viral

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A Reddit user recently quit their job abruptly after being told to ‘f*** off’ by their boss, causing a stir on social media. 

The user, known as CrazieIrish, revealed the incident in a post which has since garnered over 31,000 upvotes. 

In the post, the user explained that they were working from home and had contacted their boss for support with a new computer. 

The boss, unhappy that the user hadn’t set up the computer in their free time, responded with the offensive comment. 

The user promptly quit, stating they had not received any response to their resignation email. 

“Work from home. I had to call him for support of a new computer to get access. He was not happy I hadn’t set up the computer in my free time to get it ready. Told me to fuck off when I said I wasn’t doing it for free. Told him I quit as soon as he told me to fuck off for the last time,” the user wrote on Reddit. The user mentioned that they have not received a response to their email.

The post has sparked a flurry of comments from other users, expressing their views on the situation. 

One user suggested a humorous response, while another encouraged the original poster to rest. A third user voiced concerns about the lack of impact such resignations have on the offending parties.

“I quit/got canned (mutually I guess) last summer. I made sure to go in to the meeting the next day just to get my final check on the spot and tell the management team how fucking terrible they are at running a restaurant. It felt good,” a user commented. Another one wrote, “That quitting scene in Wanted.”

A third user commented, “Seriously should have written “Thank you for your feedback, Anthony, I’ve decided to follow your advice and f*** off, effective immediately.”

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