‘Here in Mumbai when people say…’: Ankur Warikoo sparks a Mumbai vs Delhi debate

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Author and entrepreneur Ankur Warikoo has reignited the age-old debate between Mumbai and Delhi, this time focusing on work culture. In a conversation with YouTuber Raj Shamani on the podcast Figuring Out, Warikoo made observations about how deadlines are perceived in each city.

Warikoo highlighted what he sees as a key difference: Mumbai’s “get it done” attitude. According to him, when someone in Mumbai promises a task will be completed by tomorrow, it typically happens.

“Here in Mumbai when people say that the work will be done tomorrow, it definitely gets done. In Delhi, they will say that the work will be done by tomorrow, they will delay it further,” he said.

Warikoo contrasted this with Delhi, where he perceives a more relaxed approach to deadlines. Delhi, according to him, suffers from a culture of procrastination, with “by tomorrow” translating to delays.

Warikoo further delved into the issue, suggesting a connection between work culture and power dynamics. He stated that some in Delhi might believe that if they hold a position of power, keeping promises becomes less important.

In contrast, Warikoo implies that Mumbai’s work culture might be more egalitarian. He suggests that regardless of position, following timelines and guidelines is expected.

He further said,” If I am bigger than you in terms of everything, then I don’t need to keep my word, I will be greater than you always.”

When it comes to attitude of people in Delhi, he said, ” I can do anything and still be greater than you. You will have to follow the timelines and guidelines no matter who you are.”


In a recent announcement on X, Warikoo revealed that he has shed 10 kg over the past year. He hinted at a video release on April 20th, unveiling his weight loss journey. Sharing before-and-after photos from his trainer, Sagar Ahuja, he proudly declared himself “fat-free” at the age of 43.

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