Likhang Habi bazaar expanding

DUE to the large number of vendors at the 13th edition of the annual Likhang Habi Market Fair, the exhibition will occupy two areas at Glorietta, where they usually hold it, instead of one. The fair will now occupy both the Glorietta and Palm Drive activity centers in Makati on Oct. 13 to 15.

The fair, which showcases creations in Philippine textile, will run under the theme “Web of Woven Wonders” (also reflecting their footprint online). The fair features 72 vendors occupying 100 booths. This is a jump from last year’s 60 vendors. “As we’re growing, they’re growing as well,” said Mia Villanueva, current president of HABI: The Philippine Textile Council. The brands include Abre Linea, Balay ni Atong, Camisa Amana, Ditta Sandico, Gifts & Graces, Kaya Mana, Filip Inna, Helena Alegre, and Natalya Lagdameo.

Fifty-three of the vendors are from Luzon, while nine are from the Visayas, and 10 from Mindanao. “The participation of the Mindanao area has increased greatly this year,” noted Ms. Villanueva. This year, they are also onboarding vendors from the ASEAN region into the fair, with representative brands from Indonesia, Laos, Vietnam, and Thailand.

The council is also holding two competitions during the fair: the 6th annual Lourdes Montinola Piña Weaving Competition and the 2nd Eloisa Hizon Gomez Abaca Weaving Competition. A new book, Piña Futures: Weaving Memories and Innovations written by Panay native Dr. Randy M. Madrid, will also be launched and sold at the fair. — JLG

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