Manager approves 10-day leave within two minutes, but netizens try to decode two deleted texts


A boss approved an application for a 10-day leave within two minutes and the woman employee’s post about the same went viral on social media. But, the reason for going viral is not the approval, instead it is the deleted messages the boss sent her after approving the holiday.

Interior designer Akansha Dugad shared the screenshot of her chat with her boss on X (formerly Twitter).

“Hi Puja, I’m planning a trip sometime around the 15th of this month. Will it be possible for me to take a leave from the 15th -25th,” read the text of Dugad.

To this her boss Puja replied “Yes” and then a second message came saying “have fun”.

But then a minute later her boss sent two more messages which she deleted immediately and now the users on X think that the real story was in those two messages.

One of the users commented, “the juice ought to be in the deleted messages.”

To which Akansha replied, “I’m so curious to know what that is!!”

While another user wished that everyone had such a great manager.

One X user wrote, “Ase managers kismat valo ko milye.”

Another user speculated that maybe Dugad does not add a significant value to the company.

One user commented, “You missed the real thing in a minute of lag.”

One user named Ganesh Joshi wrote that her manager might have fired her in those two deleted messages.

While one user used the iconic film franchise ‘Hera Pheri’ to express his emotions.

One user suggested that Puja should get a raise and Akansha should bring something nice for her manager from her trip.


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