Meta Unveils WhatsApp Channels to Over 150 Countries after Successful Test


The WhatsApp Channels will allow users to receive important updates from people and organizations amid the changing regulatory landscape.

Meta Platforms Inc (NASDAQ: META) shares closed Wednesday trading at $305.06, having gained 1.23 percent from the day’s opening price. The gains are likely to be attributed to Meta’s announcement that the WhatsApp Channels feature on WhatsApp is now available to over 150 countries. Initially, Meta introduced the WhatsApp Channels to about ten countries to test the functionality and obtain feedback from the users. Having successfully conducted the beta stage of the WhatsApp Channels, Meta announced that more features will be available as the product rolls out to more markets.

Meta’s WhatsApp Channels

According to the announcement the main goal of WhatsApp Channels is to provide a private broadcasting service to global users. Notably, the WhatsApp Channels are separate from the normal chats in a bid to help users easily choose who to follow. Interestingly, Meta made the WhatsApp Channels in a way that followers can not identify each other in order to prevent spamming. Moreover, admins’ personal data is also protected.

To start with, Meta has introduced four new updates to the WhatsApp Channels to enhance the product and attract more users.

On the top list is the enhanced directory on the WhatsApp Channels. Notably, WhatsApp Channels enables users to find channels that are automatically filtered based on geographical locations. Additionally, WhatsApp Channels users can now view new channels, the most active, and popular ones based on the number of followers.

Another notable update that Meta announced as it rolled out WhatsApp Channels to global markets is the ability to react using emojis, in a bid to give feedback and view a count of tagal reactions.

On the side of channels’ admins, Meta has introduced an editing feature to enable them to make changes to their updates within 30 days before the company automatically deletes them from its servers. Additionally, Meta noted that WhatsApp Channels will include links to the original content on forwarded content.

The company noted that more features are planned to be rolled out in the near future as it continues to collect crucial feedback from users.

“This is just the beginning, and we’ll continue to add more features and expand Channels based on feedback we get from users. Over the coming months, we’ll also make it possible for anyone to create a channel,” Meta noted.

Market Outlook

Meta is enhancing its products to compete with either social media giants like TikTok, and Elon Musk-backed X platform. Amid the mainstream adoption of AI in the tech space, Meta has continued to lay off a significant portion of its employees. Meanwhile, the company is introducing new features in line with data-sharing regulatory requirements in mind.


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