Rahul Gandhi responds to PM Modi’s jibe, calls for CBI, ED probe for Adani, Ambani

Tarab Zaidi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to hold a probe by the CBI or ED into whether businessmen Adani and Ambani sent his party (Bharatiya Janata Party) “money in a tempo”. 

His response to PM Modi came after the Prime Minister attacked him at an election rally saying why he has “stopped” naming Adani and Ambani in his attacks and whether he has received money from them in return, a news agency reported.

In a video message, Gandhi has asked the Prime Minister whether he was speaking from “personal experience” about money being sent by the businessmen.

“The money that PM Modi has given to the two businessmen, the Congress party will give the same amount of money to the people of India through the various schemes that the party has promised,” Rahul Gandhi said in a post on social media platform X.

“The country knows who is the driver and helper of the BJP’s tempo of corruption,” he added.

“Modi ji, are you a little scared? Normally you talk about Adani and Ambani in closed doors, but for the first time you have talked about Adani and Ambani in public,” Gandhi said.

“Do one thing – send the CBI, ED to them and carry out a thorough investigation and don’t be scared,” he stated.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi accused the Congress party of having a “deal” with “Ambani and Adani”, and asked if the party has received “tempo loads of black money” from the two businessmen as its leader Rahul Gandhi has now stopped “abusing” them.

The Congress has been accusing the Prime Minister of favouring the top five Indian industrialists.


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