Telegram’s Notcoin Hits 20M Users within 26 Days of Launch


Notcoin’s growth trajectory remains very high amid its simple onboarding process and eliminating the need for players to navigate complex processes to begin playing.

TON blockchain-based Play-2-Earn (P2E) game Notcoin continues to hit new milestones within a month of its launch in early January. In just 26 days of launch, Notcoin has touched a new milestone of over 20 million users on the platform.

Interestingly, this rapid progress comes despite little to no marketing efforts from Notcoin, but by leveraging Telegram’s engagement and interaction among users. Led by the Open Builders team at Gateway 2023 in Dubai, Notcoin has experienced remarkable growth. Fueled by the viral social mechanics of Telegram, its expansion has surpassed the rapid adoption of ChatGPT, which achieved 1 million users in an impressive five days.

Notcoin’s journey began last November 2023 as a Telegram Mini App game. Originating as a meme coin without any predetermined expectations, Notcoin entered the scene without a whitepaper and minimal details about the game. Despite these unconventional origins, the beta version garnered almost 500,000 players in the initial month, surpassing initial projections.

One of the major contributors to Notcoin’s success is its simple onboarding process. In contrast to numerous GameFi initiatives, Notcoin eliminated the need for players to navigate complex processes to begin playing. By minimizing entry obstacles and enabling any Telegram user to participate without cost, the game harnessed the influence of word-of-mouth referrals. Players got incentives to suggest the game to friends, creating a self-sustaining viral loop that propelled Notcoin to extensive adoption.

Understanding Notcoin’s Gameplay

Notcoin’s core gameplay revolves around the tap-2-earn mechanism, where players accumulate new Notcoin by tapping the Notcoin icon on their mobile devices. The simple gameplay involves earning Notcoin through taps, wherein each tap yields a specific amount. Furthermore, players have the option to purchase boosts and enhance their mining experience, while simultaneously increasing Notcoins obtained per tap, reducing recovery time, as well as expanding the maximum Notcoin energy.

The addition of such boosters further enriches the gaming experience, providing players with opportunities to upgrade and personalize their profiles. Furthermore, players can improve their mining capabilities by leveraging the boost acquired with Notcoin. This way, they can also enhance the Notcoins obtained per tap, while reducing recovery time as well as expanding the maximum Notcoin energy.

Temporary Boosters come with short-term advantages, that include tripling Notcoin per tap or instantly boosting the energy limits. Boosts encompass features like Multitap, Recharging Speed, Energy Limits, and Auto Tap Bot 2.0.

In addition to the mining aspect, Notcoin incorporates an “Earn” functionality that allows players to receive rewards by completing specific tasks like joining squads, inviting friends, and achieving other milestones. Such an approach ensures greater engagement while offering additional features to accumulate more Notcoins.

Moreover, the introduction of Squads brings along a community-driven element, wherein players can form groups associated with specific Telegram channels. These squads promote collaboration, a sense of community, and competition, thereby contributing to the ongoing success of Notcoin.

Moreover, Notcoin’s viral growth hinges significantly on its referral system, where players sharing referral links not only boost their earnings but also become ambassadors for the game.


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