Unleash live Joins AAM CRC in Advancing Australia’s Aerospace and Aviation Industry


SYDNEY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Unleash live is excited to announce its participation in the Advanced Air Mobility Cooperative Research Centre (AAM CRC), a groundbreaking initiative aimed at transforming Australia’s aerospace and aviation sector. Together with over 65 leading partners and universities, we have completed Stage 1 of a 10-year innovation program focused on advancing autonomous air mobility.

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The AAM CRC will serve as a pivotal research platform, leveraging the nation’s capabilities to drive the transition towards sustainable air mobility solutions, including vertical take-off and landing aircraft, Vertiports and unmanned aerial systems. Through interdisciplinary collaboration, the CRC aims to propel Australia towards a clean, sustainable and globally competitive aerospace future.

Across key research streams – Air Vehicles, Air Operations and Ground Operations – the AAM CRC will empower stakeholders to integrate advanced aerial innovation into the national transportation system, optimising operations and fostering growth in domestic and international markets.

This submission marks a potential turning point, poised to become Australia’s largest collaborative research platform in aviation and aerospace technology. We are thrilled to be part of this journey and look forward to shaping the future of air travel.

A Collaborative Effort for Progress

Our participation in the AAM CRC submission underscores the transformative power of collaboration. We extend our gratitude to all partners for their invaluable contributions, laying the groundwork for realising advanced air mobility in Australia and beyond.

Looking Ahead

As we move into Stage 2, Unleash live remains committed to supporting Australia’s leadership in advanced autonomous air mobility. Together, let’s propel our nation to the forefront of innovation and shape a future where autonomous air mobility is accessible to all.

Commenting on this milestone, Unleash live CEO, Hanno Blankenstein, remarked, “This is a pivotal step towards the future of air mobility in Australia. Unleash live is proud to support this effort and together, let’s lead the way in advanced air mobility.”

Stay tuned for updates as we embark on the next phase of this transformative journey. Together, let’s soar towards a future where autonomous air mobility becomes a reality for all.

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